Support for Pacific Communities

Updated: Mar 25

My Team Works Online announces Support Partnership for Pacific Communities.

My Team Works Online (MTWO) Founder Glyn MacLean is pleased to announce that MTWO will launch support programs for Pacific Communities through a partnership with Pacific Enterprise People.

This co-development of this project will be headed up by Pasifika Community Leader Marie Young, who has lead several successful Pasifika Community Development programs orchestrated by Government, NGOs, Regional and Local Councils along with National, Regional and Local Community Organisations.

ADVISOR PROFILE: Mapping Out the future of Pacific Enterprise for Pasifika NGOs, Government Agencies, Corporations and Coaching Leaders.


Mar 2019 - Present

Pacific Enterprise People, Auckland,

New Zealand

Recent Projects Include:


Positioning the MYRIVR brand for corporate partnerships. Matching community demand with services supply. Coaching and training of C level leadership. Project lead for community development. Technology platform commercialisation. MYRIVR APP and Kiosks.



Trust Board Member & Community Consultant. Community awareness programmes, sponsorship. Walking Samoans community health initiative - Ministry of Health liaison.

Brought on board by MD of SMG to create, develop and grow the Multimedia Community Trust. Through hands-on engagement and solicitation of Pasifika Community stakeholders including Government Agencies, NGOs, business community and funders. Gaining partner support and funding to empower Pasifika community storytelling through Newspaper (Samoa Times), Radio Samoa, Moana TV(Online TV with 160k engaged viewers worldwide). Informing, equipping and empowering Samoan and Pacific Communities.

Trust Board Member Feb 2018- Present

LifeChurch (NZ) Community Trust, Auckland

Over the last 25 years my community outreach has included being a caregiver, women's group organiser, community donations coordinator, Missions Team Leader, and Communications Manager. I am formally certified as an Ordained Minister in Christian Community Churches New Zealand (formerly known as Open Brethren). I am also a Trust Board Member of LifeChurch (NZ) Community Trust.

I believe integrity comes from love without judgement, cultivating a sense of belonging through connections and conversations, and meeting people where they're at. Accepting and honouring people is important to me, and is an expression of my faith that leads to a unified, faith-full community.

Director Aug 2018- Mar 2019

Bluespur Consulting Ltd, Auckland

Manukau Ward Community Consultation

Engaged the local Pasifika community in the Manukau Ward encouraging active voting in the Local Body Elections. This was achieved by approaching community leaders, families, youth and grassroots community groups -wherever people gathered, we were there: halls, churches, youth groups, craft groups, markets, the TAB, and even to people's homes. As a result we achieved historical levels of in-depth cultural understanding and empathy with these communities, which we converted to community engagement.

Whau Pacific Peoples Plan

Whau Local Board was the first Local Board to develop a Pacific Plan. Whau commissioned Bluespur to create the Whau Pacific Plan, based on a deep empathetic and experiential understanding of stakeholder needs. This needs assessment for the plan was developed by face-to-face community engagement with sports groups, churches, local community groups and those working at the coalface. The result was a

plan that was signed off by Board Chair Tracy Mulholland in a ceremony witnessed by key stakeholders and the community leaders we consulted with. In both projects: We liaised with leaders of our Pasifika communities - Samoan, Tongan, Niuean, Cook Island, Fijian, Tokelau, Kiribati. This included organising interpreters for engagement workshops, and understanding specific cultural needs.


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